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olaf schultz

Vielen Dank, Herr Scholz

We are passing on every cent of the MwSt cut to our customers.

We are implementing the German MwSt tax cut in full and for everyone in the EU

“Siri, show me a Kentholz fan.”

If we are being absolutely straight, we are not sure whether the German finance minister, Herr Olaf Schulz, is a Kentholz fan, but he is certainly showing signs of being on side, making it easier for our customers to invest in the finest, custom-made furniture.

With the VAT/MwSt sales-tax rate being cut from 19% to 16% as of July 1st, this represents site-wide savings which are not to be sniffed at. And of course, we are passing the full discount* on to our customers, and this applies to everyone in Germany and anywhere across the wider EU.

Moreover, while Covid-19 remains a real threat to all our well-being, we are maintaining free, contactless delivery in DE and still only asking for a modest charge to deliver to our neighbours in Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Has there every been a better time to wash your hands, wear a mask, and invest in a Kentholz? Probably not, and we all have Herr Scholz to thank for that!

*Yes, we have rounded down to the nearest Euro. All those pennies, pfennigs, and cents were making our pretty corner of the web look like a bomb-site. We’re in the midsts of a global  pandemic but we gotta have standards, right? Bitte sehr.



Image: Olaf Kosinsky, Wiki (CC BY-SA 3.0 de)



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