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Free, Contactless Deliveries from Kentholz

We are offering free, contactless deliveries as part of our responsibility to our customers and our own people. Stimmt, wir nehmen es erst.

Update: 23.04.20 15:40

Delivery Update

Owing to increasing numbers of police controls which, in some Bundesländer, are taking longer and longer to complete, we are finding that our some of delivery schedules are needing to be replanned at short notice while they verify our paperwork. We understand the requirement for these controls and are fully supportive of the role which the police plays in helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The vast majority of deliveries are taking place on-time but anyone with any concerns can mail us at [email protected] for an update. We’ll come back to you as soon as we can.


– MF

Update: 20.03.20 18:23


Following a series of emails from customers asking what happens to their orders if delivery becomes difficult or even impossible due to an Ausgangssperre in the coming weeks, we are posting this update.

We have plenty of secure storage space, and we will hold anything free of charge for as long as necessary.


– MF


“Wir nehmen es ernst”

This Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic; it is making us all re-think just about every aspect of our lives. We need to play our part, be cleverer, and act more responsibly if we are to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this potentially fatal illness. We are all reacting to the New Normal which seems to change by the day.

We fully understand that we have a massive responsibility to our customers and our own people. Yes, wir nehmen es erst.

Therefore, from today onwards, we are offering free, “contactless” delivery of all our larger products to your doorstep, together with instructions for assembling your table, if you need them. (Hint; you don’t, it’s really easy, you just need a screwdriver.)

About Contactless Delivery

Our delivery guys will bring your order to you, place the delivery note there for you to sign, and ring the bell. Once you have closed your front door, they’ll collect the delivery note, and that will be that. It is a simple way of doing things and we believe that it is best for everyone.

Of course, we will still be happy to install the table for you, although with the social distancing and hygiene measures which the authorities recommend. Safe for you, safe for us.

In order to be fair to all our customers, whatever you buy, we will also post smaller items free-of-charge. That includes certain benches, coffee tables, chopping boards, and the like.

Austria and Switzerland

Unfortunately, we can’t extend this offer to our friends in Austria and Switzerland. However, we will deliver for a reduced flat rate of 99 €. And, if there are any outstanding CH customs duties, you can simply reimburse us by Paypal or bank transfer. It’s all about trust and putting safety above everything else.

The Future

We are in this for the long haul and we will always remain true to our leitmotif of creating some of the most beautiful, durable, and sustainable furniture there is. It is human nature that we are all a little distracted at the moment, however, long after the COVID-19 virus has been put back in its box, there will still be a climate emergency to battle.

And we will be there on the front line.

Now, go and wash your hands!


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