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KentHaus is Open

Welcome to a sustainable range of home accessories and gifts.

Welcome to our collection of sustainable gifts and home accessories.

When we are finished with making stuff, there is nothing we love more than making other stuff, especially when it gives us an opportunity to reduce waste and extract every ounce of beauty from our centuries-old timbers. It’s all part of walking the sustainability walk.

Chopping boards, traditional breakfast boards, coffee and side tables, night stands, even wooden tableaux to hang as works of art – the list goes on. We then put them through their paces in what mega-corporations probably call “rigorous research”.

Tested on Animals

Yes, we give our prototypes to our mates. And, whilst convincing a bunch or cynical Berliners isn’t the easiest job in the world, they love them and even repurpose them in ways we would never have imagined. Rattling hand-forged nails in to a Frühstücksbrett to create a key holder? Yep, you get the picture.

Bringing it all together

So, this leads us to KentHaus. It’s our shorthand for stuff that isn’t dining furniture. It’s stuff for the home, all handcrafted from our restored and sustainably-sourced timbers, and all designed to be part of the family. We are taking things slowly to start with. The collection is tight at the moment but it will grow with time as we develop more ideas and bring them to market.

With the holiday season in our sights, we are also inviting you to think of KentHaus as an inspired range of unique and totally unexpected gifts. With Christmas especially being a time of outrageous consumption and almost criminal levels of excessive waste, we think that it’s pretty cool to give sustainable gifts.

Starting from under 20 €, they are as affordable as they are practical, and they are much easier to gift-wrap than a three-meter dining table!

Click here to see the KentHaus collection.


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