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Kentholz at NEONYT, Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is a pretty big deal. And with our furniture at the NEONYT global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation, Kentholz is excited to be a part of it.

NEONYT and Kentholz. Partners in sustainable fashion and retail

Berlin Fashion Week is a pretty big deal. Whilst the well-trodden fashion trade show circuit throughout Europe is showing signs of “meh”, the twice-yearly Berlin shindig is anything but threadbare.

Political, punky, independent-minded and hopelessly addicted to reinvention, Berlin Fashion Week is perhaps emblematic of its host city. We might not be as poor as we once were but, dammit, we’re still as sexy A.F.

At the heart of this thirst for innovation is NEONYT, pronounced “neo-nitt” (we think), which is being positioned as a global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. It is there as a forum for asking difficult and long-overdue questions of the fashion industry.

Think of it as a constructive counterweight to disposable, land-fill fashion and providing a coordinated platform for firms and designers who are nailing their colours to the masts of sustainability and responsible consumption.

Kindred Spirits – we’re in!

These obvious synergies with Kentholz are why we swiped right on the chance to become a major furniture sponsor for NEONYT, supplying a broad range of tables, chairs, benches and clothes-rails for both exhibitors and for social spaces at Prepeek within the show.

Furniture for stuff and furniture for people.  And, all this with a shared determination to be a mensch – it’s a match!

Yes, we have a track-record that we are rather proud of, and have proven that Kentholz performs as well as any and better than most in retail, commercial and restaurant environments. But, jumping in to the cauldron of a front-line event like Berlin Fashion Week is something else altogether.

Proving ourselves at the highest level

With 170 international labels, making the NEONYT tradeshow the world’s undisputed hotspot for progressive, sustainable fashion and technological innovations, we’re certainly putting our furniture through its paces. It’s a pressure test and we are proving that we are as good as our word.

Here’s more about Kentholz Commercial, oder hier auf Deutsch.

And, if you’d like to discuss more about how our reclaimed premium furniture in salvaged pine and historic oak can do the business in high-performance retail, office and public situations, just get in touch.

When & Where

July 2nd – 4th, 2019

Kraftwerk Berlin
Köpenicker Straße 70
10179 Berlin



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