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What is Kentholz?

‘Kentholz’ was founded in 2014 in Berlin by Stacey Alexander Kent. Kent is driven by a deep commitment to sustainability rooted in his love of the beauty and warmth of reclaimed wood. (‘Holz’ meaning wood in German).


What is so special about our tables?

Our tables are handcrafted from what others perceive as waste materials, making each piece both an object of beauty and a connection to the past.

Made from reclaimed aged Oak, Pine or our hand cast Terrazzo, these prestige materials give our designs their warmth and personality. The individual details and markings of each board or slab add unexpected textures, colours and forms.

No aspect of our process is standardised or prefabricated. Each new commission is an opportunity for our team of artisans to push our practice further, driven by the belief that sustainable products are luxurious.

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has had a prior life, having been previously used and rescued from old buildings, structures or work sites. As the world’s natural resources dwindle, the use of reclaimed timber or salvaged wood has emerged in design as a sustainable alternative to using newly harvested wood.

All the reclaimed wood we source throughout Germany and Austria is over 100 years old, adding a sense of warmth, history and wisdom to any room. Reclaimed wood retains its strength and beauty even with age, making it extremely hard-wearing and durable.

What does “FSC-certified” mean?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. “FSC-certified” products were developed to protect forests’ biodiversity and ecological processes throughout the world. The FSC Recycled label means all the wood in the product comes from reclaimed (reused) material. All Oak used in our product range is FSC Recycled certified, sourced from Germany and Austria.

What is Terrazzo?

A twist on classic Terrazzo concrete, the Terrazzo we produce customises each element of Terrazzo casting. Aggregate such as recycled glass, discarded porcelain, marble and quartz are combined with multi-tone cements for a myriad of colour and dimension. This brand new range allows clients the chance to enjoy the tactile pleasure of a stone table top while minimising their impact on the environment. View our terrazzo tables here.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes! We love it when our customers pop into our working showroom located at Mohriner Allee 69, 12347 For detailed directions on how to find us, click here. We are open by appointment only. To arrange a time outside of these hours, please give us a call on +491794838585.

Orders & Shipping

Where do you ship your tables? / Do you ship internationally?

We ship within Germany, Mainland Europe, and the United Kingdom.

How much does shipping cost?

All shipping is free of charge throughout Germany (and also includes installation). For all other countries shipping and customer, prices are dependant on the quantity, size and weight per shipment. Prices are available on request.

What payment methods are available?

We offer the following payment methods; All credit cards, SEPA transfer, Klarna, Maestro, Payment by installment (for commercial customers only).

Can I place a large commercial/B2B order?

Yes, absolutely. We are experienced in large-scale commercial orders and can fulfill high quantity custom builds for your business. Learn more about previous projects here, or contact us directly with your request.

My table looks different from the product image on your website

By their very nature, our products may differ slightly to the images on our website due to the unique quality of the recycled timbers and natural materials we use. Every piece is hand finished, not machine manufactured, and these slight differences are embraced by our customers. We make every attempt to keep each item as uniform as possible.

Can I buy a tabletop only — without legs?

Unfortunately not. However we are able to custom make a variety of legs or table bases to suit your table. For special requests, please contact us.

What if my table is damaged when it arrives, or you sent me the wrong item?

If the table appears damaged due to poor delivery, let us know immediately. All packaging and documents must be kept to help with claiming insurance. Pictures help with any claim. Damage must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of package.

If we have sent you the wrong item, contact us and we will arrange for the product to be replaced.

If you are unhappy with the quality for any reason after delivery, contact us within 4 days, including any photos of the damage or other issues with the product. We will assess your complaint and tell you how to return the item or arrange to collect the item from you, and either give you a full refund, arrange for a repair, or build you a replacement.

Please note: You will need to disassemble your product and repackage it, in order for our delivery partners to collect it.

Please note: The very nature of our products are rustic and the imperfections in our wood tables is what makes them so special, therefore deviations in colour and irregularities in the grain are not cause for complaint. By placing an order, you agree to this variation and character.

I’ve just placed an order but haven’t heard anything …

Our furniture is made to order so it can take a little longer to arrive. However we will keep you informed via email throughout the process. To get the most up-to-date information on your order status, log onto My Account and go to ‘My Orders,’ or email us.

I’ve just placed an order and have changed my mind about one of the features — is it too late to change my order?

You have 4 working days after placing your order to cancel or change your mind free of charge. However, due to the customised nature of this product, any changes or cancellations after this time will incur charges. Please note that if necessary, the pricing of the items ordered will be adjusted according to our pricing in place at the time the changes are requested.

To learn more about refunds and cancellations, see here.

When will my table be shipped?

Due to the custom built-to-order nature of our products, our standard shipping time is approximately 5 – 6 weeks after payment for timber products and 10-12 weeks for Terrazzo products. Shipping times can vary depending on the final shipping destination. We will update you via email regarding a more accurate shipping timeline once your order has been placed. All our Outlet product is delivered within the next delivery cycle which is every four weeks.

If you would like to expedite the process, please contact us regarding what tables we have in stock or for an express shipping quote.

How will my order be delivered?

For all German/Austrian/Swiss customers, we deliver our products with a private courier service which includes installation on site. The delivery company will get in touch with you 5 – 7 days prior to delivery in order to arrange a time.

For all other countries, our tables are carefully flat packed and packaged, delivered directly to your home. Each table requires simple assembly that is much easier and quicker if you have an electric or cordless screwdriver/drill. See here for how to do this.

Can my order be delivered to me on a weekend?

Absolutely, you can arrange whatever time is most convenient for you once the delivery service contacts you about a week prior to delivery.

What if I cannot be home when my table is delivered?

Someone must be at home to receive your delivery, so please make sure that you or someone you know can be there during the timeframe you have arranged with the delivery service. If something comes up last minute, please directly contact the delivery service immediately to reschedule.

Product Details & Care

Are the tables available in non-listed sizes?

Yes! Each table is handcrafted and can therefore be built in different sizes – simply contact us with your request.

How many people fit around your tables?

Once you select your preferred table size during the checkout process in our online store, a note will appear with how many people comfortable fit around it.

How are the tables/benches treated?

All our tables are treated with Natural Hardwax Oil. Osmo Polyx®-Oils are developed from natural oils and waxes to provide the most hard wearing and durable protection for wooden furniture. The emphasis on the wood’s grain and natural characteristics provides a warm and rich effect..

How do I care for my table?

Simply clean your table gently with a non-alkaline soap and water solution to remove grime and grease. Dry the wood immediately with a soft, dry cloth.

Can I put hot plates on my table?

Despite their strength and durability, it’s best to avoid putting very hot things directly on our wooden tables, such as a casserole dish right out of the oven or a stew pot.

How high/tall are the tables?

Our tables are a standard of 76cm high. We also make the Standing Kent – a custom standing desk – to order, which is 110cm high.

How high/tall are the benches?

Our benches are 35cm high.

Do the seating benches fit between the table legs?

Yes, all our benches are custom built to fit under our tables. The length of the benches are 40cm shorter than your selected table – this is automatically calculated based on your order. If you would prefer different / or longer sizing, please contact us to update your order.


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